Spotter R Us provides cost effective and reliable DOGMAN RIGGING and Electrical Spotting solutions for a wide range of construction equipment and plant. Our team offer services for different machinery used in construction, which includes excavators, boom lifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, trucks with vacuum are digging, all types of crane, and concrete boom pump. We offer our services in:


Spotter R Us also provides additional services of

DOGMAN and RIGGERs as a cost effective and reliable solution for your project needs

Overhead Power Poles & Line Spotting

Our spotters will be present the entire time the plant or machinery is being used. They keep a close watch on the distance between the machinery and overhead power lines.


SPOTTERs R US also can provide you with competent EWP Operators, MANITOU Operators, and ALIMAK Drivers to assist all Industries of Construction, Civil, Communications and  Signage.

RIW & Yarra Trams

Our staff are also RIW and Yarra Trams approved and inducted for a cost effective and rapid response to your project needs.