Electrical Spotters

Spotters R Us provides electrical spotting services which allow any works within 6.4m of Overhead Powerlines to be completed with utmost safety and security. Our electrical spotters are present to work all types of construction companies and related industries, telecommunication companies, Working within no-go zones within the vicinity of overhead power lines including tram and train networks.

Overhead Power Lines

The spotter requirements differ according to the distance from the overhead power lines. There are no special requirements if the work is done outside 6.4 metres from electrical lines. The operations between 6.4 –  3 metres requires the presence of a spotter and operations with a radius of 0-3 metres needs a permit from the power distribution operator.

Underground Infrastructure

You should contact 1100 Dial before you Dig and seek advice.

You should  also have underground services NDD located.

Our spotters, if required will assist you in maintaining a legal distance when excavating near assets to avoid damage to underground infrastructure which includes power and communication systems.

Our electrical spotters complete a training course which not only helps them to provide valuable safety assistance but provide First Aid support and CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if an incident should occur. Our electrical spotters are skilled to provide:

  • Advice on Design envelope for the plant or equipment.
  • Advice on Operating envelope of plant to be used.
  • The monitoring of the distance to limit the dangers that the overhead lines pose.